The Wisdom of Age Project—Hampton Roads, Va. 2015 Documenting Life Stories & How We Get By
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Life stories & films of sisterly love, foiled immigration dreams, a boxing coach who mentors, a chef who makes a difference in a young man's life, and a grandmother helping raise grandchildren—and more.

WELCOME TO OUR 5TH EDITION of the Wisdom of Age Project/hr website. The twelve elders profiled here in photos, audio, video, and narrative graciously spent time with students in a college documentary studies class in the spring semester of 2015 (January-April). All live in and around Newport News, Va., where Christopher Newport University is located. The goal of the class was simple: To get to know our elders in personal, intimate ways by listening to life stories—even by sitting down for a game of Bingo at a retirement community. As each of the students in all five classes will tell you—and will tell you enthusiastically—the experience was eye-opening. As one student writes in this issue about his experience spending time with the woman who was his babysitter many years ago "was revelatory." He writes, "I viewed Sharon as nothing more than a babysitter whenever my parents were gone, but now I really see who she is as a person." We hope that you enjoy the stories of these elders who have changed our lives.

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