The Wisdom of Age Project—Hampton Roads, Va. 2015 Documenting Life Stories & How We Get By
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"A Young Guy from Queens"

Story & SoundSlides by Laura Giuffrida

Every morning at seven o’clock sharp, Charlie Weiss clambers hurriedly down the stairs of his daughter’s house, trying his best to stay quiet. He nudges his ten year-old Shetland sheepdog outside as the first rays of sunlight begin to peak through the kitchen windows. He sits down at the kitchen table to begin his daily arm and leg exercises before moving outside to enjoy the fresh air with his dog. Charlie moved from Long Island into his daughter and son-in-law’s Virginia home three years ago. “This is my last stop,” he says, sitting outside in an old winter coat, staring out at the road and scratching his chubby Sheltie absentmindedly behind the ears.

SoundSlide interviews with Charlie