The Wisdom of Age Project—Hampton Roads, Va. Spring 2012
Documenting Life Stories & How We Get By
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Memories of a lifetime are

 “fundamental to wisdom.”

                                            —Gene Cohen,

The Mature Mind

"Tossed on an Island" (6:46)

a film by Laurel Manges & Marlaina Peelen

"Every Moment" (5:16)

a film by Zac Grigg & Sally Grace Holtgrieve

A COLLEGE DOCUMENTARY STUDIES CLASS set out in the fall of 2009, spring of 2011 and again in the spring of 2012, to document the stories of elders. Students from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia, spent four months listening to and documenting stories in narrative, photography and video. Students worked with the same subject for the duration of the project.


Age does not equate to wisdom. Yet, in a culture that too eagerly overlooks elders, such as those whom we came to know, stories—some with seeds of wisdom—are there to be heard, recorded and enjoyed.

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"A Rational Life: Homeless,

Intentionally and Not" (12:23)

a film by Johnathan Nixon & Adam Garrett


"Born A Survivor:  Vicky Gardella"

film shorts by Michele Fisher

"A Reflective Time in Life:

Louis Seyler"

film shorts by Sarah Sleem

"A Story Worth Remembering"

by Jane Gregorski

"The House on The Hill:

A Mother & Daughter Reunion"

by Katherine Taylor

"'The Baldwin Sisters:'

Karen & Nancy's Story" (18:28)

a film by Taryn Rothstein

"Sing While You Have A Chance"

by Brelyn Powell

"Come Stay A While" (5:49)

a film by Todd Smith, Summer Strickland & Cole Underwood

"Couldn't Stand Being Lonely Anymore"

by Darryl Fetz