The Wisdom of Age Project—Hampton Roads, Va. Spring 2012
Documenting Life Stories & How We Get By
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"A Reflective Time in Life: 

 Louis Seyler"

       films by Sarah Sleem

“At some point in courtship, she said to me, ‘Lou, I think I’m falling in love with you.’ And I said, ‘Oh, hell. Don’t tell me that! You’ve got to be kidding. You know better than that! Don’t do that to me.’ Wow. She was taken aback. She didn’t know what to think.  And I said, ‘If you start grow toward loving me, that’s OK.  But don’t fall in love me!"

Lou Seyler


  • "Freshness of a Portrait" (5:30)

  • "Discovering Spiritual Existence" (4:53)

  • Life at Its Most Elemental" (13:45)

  • "Leaving a Tangible Legacy" (5:00)

  • "The Craftsmen of 1936" (6:36)

  • "Lou's Saturday Afternoon" (2:56)

  • "Don't Fall in Love With Me!" (5:55)