The Wisdom of Age Project—Hampton Roads, Va. 2013 Documenting Life Stories & How We Get By
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The Breakfast Bunch, Warwick Restaurant, Newport News, Va.

" Another Home with the Breakfast Bunch"

audio slide show by Aubrey Kosa

Every Tuesday morning, a group of retirees trickle into the Warwick restaurant over the course of the hour or so between seven- and eight o'clock. Greeting each other warmly, they reminisce about the old times and catch up on the new. It’s not the same ones every Tuesday, but it’s a group. They have been meeting every single Tuesday since 1995. Same restaurant. Same waitress: their beloved Rhonda, who includes pages and pages of Tuesday morning pictures in her scrapbooks. One particular morning, Billy Castelow sits alone at the table, waiting for the rest of the ‘Breakfast Bunch’ to show up. When I walk up and introduce myself, I find that Rhonda has already explained my documentary project to him. Without a single prompt from me, he begins telling me their story, the story of the ‘Breakfast Bunch’.  Since that morning, Billy has been back in and out of the hospital. Every Tuesday morning, I hope to see him back at the table with the rest of the guys.

—Special Thanks To: Billy Castelow, ‘The Breakfast Bunch,’ & Rhonda Hicks

SoundSlide Show: "Tuesday Mornings with the Breakfast Bunch"