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"Sondra Berman: A Life of Transitions"

films by Zenith Hass

“[With Grace, I transitioned] into a life where I shared almost nothing with my partner to a life where I was sharing everything – we cooked together, we worked together…we supported each other…we had all sorts of life experiences that we shared. Nothing was isolated…I miss her a lot – she was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

—Sondra Berman



  •                                                                   "A Life of Transitions" (2:13)

  •                                                                      "Wedded Sorrow" (5:48)

  •                                                                         "New Attractions" (4:41)

  •                                                      "Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me" (8:07)

  •                                                                     "Life Alone in the Big Apple" (5:58)

  •                                                                 "Taking on the Role of Caretaker" (6:23)