The Wisdom of Age Project—Hampton Roads, Va. 2017 Documenting Life Stories & How We Get By
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"The Lines of Louretta"

story by Mary Hanula

documentary film by Will Burch

 I put Louretta Wilson on the spot. "What would be a good title for your book, a book about your life?" Just like that she said, “Well I…um, well…I suppose: What’s Next.” As she sat and looked at her ceiling- blue eyes darting around like wise pinballs off the teal colored walls- she had come up with the perfect words to describe it. Her life story is a wonderful one. She has been through heartbreak, through loss, through both happy and sad times. Through it all- Louretta wants to know: what is next? The "chapters" that I have written about Louretta, and the film that my classmate Will Burch produced, highlight just a few examples of what would be in Louretta’s book. We can only try to do justice relaying a life we now consider such a special part of our own. These are her stories and, at eighty-one years old, she shares guidance and wisdom in her lines and her song.