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"Driving Ms. Veta"

a nonfiction play by Michaela Dunow



I  WAS INTRODUCED to Ms. Veta by the brothers of Kappa Delta Rho (KDR), a fraternity on Christopher Newport University's campus. From the outside, Ms. Veta seemed like a sort of adopted grandmother that the fraternity brother’s had picked from the dining staff at CNU, which ended up not being far from the truth.


Ms. Veta is the fun aunt, the doting grandmother, and the overprotective elder sister, all in one.  Ms. Veta is an overwhelmingly loving and caring person, the kind of person you want to befriend.



Writer Michaela Dunow penned a nonfiction, three-act drama about her experiences with university dining staff member Ms. Veta and the students who have become close as they drive her to and from work... everyday. •